“Hot” Fiat 500 went mad on sport

Nice and remarkable sport versions from the Abarth division which were in a complex updated. These little beasts are finished more seriously, than it seems.

Fiat 500 in “sauce” of Abarth and decorated with a logo with a scorpion — a dish for the judge esthete, and from a variety of the menu and ingredients eyes run up! After all the sports fiatovsky division offers executions of a hatchback for every taste. Now sport cars underwent restyling and became even more interesting.

Turbo of 1,4 l at initial Abarth 595 option gives out 145 h.p. against 140 h.p. earlier at an invariable torque in 206 Nanometers. Similarly — on 5 h.p., return of option 595 Turismo (draft of former, 230 Nanometers) grew to 165 h.p. Increase of power is reached by installation of a new turbocharger of Garrett. The most furious Abarth 595 Competizione did not get additional puny strength — in its arsenal, as before, very adult 180 h.p. and 250 Nanometers. Innovations, however, are available: jotas-hetch caught self-locking differential which is combined only with a mechanical transmission. As an option there is also a robot. Let’s note that abartovets did not show the modernized superhatchback of 695 Biposto with a 190-strong cursor yet. Train the real monster?


But we will return to us to the 595th. Among innovations and adaptive Koni FSD shock-absorbers — at Turismo they stand on a back axis, and at Competizione — “around”. The top version is also completed with brake Brembo system with four-piston supports. There is at Abarth 595 also a Sport key transferring the power unit and a steering to the fighting mode, and also aggravating a response to gas pedals. Extreme innovations are dictated by a problem of the car. So, the mouth in a front bumper swung open with even bigger greed to air — inflow to a radiator is increased by 18%.

Sometimes tuners undertake completion of production of Abarth, and then the real murderer of sport cars is born. As, for example, 214-strong 695 Biposto from Alpha-N Performance.
The Brazilian branch Fiat does not doze. The budgetary Mobi crossover with the engine working at gasoline and ethanol is presented.

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