“Hot” Fiat 500 went mad on sport


Nice and remarkable sport versions from the Abarth division which were in a complex updated. These little beasts are finished more seriously, than it seems.

Fiat 500 in “sauce” of Abarth and decorated with a logo with a scorpion — a dish for the judge esthete, and from a variety of the menu and ingredients eyes run up! After all the sports fiatovsky division offers executions of a hatchback for every taste. Now sport cars underwent restyling and became even more interesting.

Turbo of 1,4 l at initial Abarth 595 option gives out 145 h.p. against 140 h.p. earlier at an invariable torque in 206 Nanometers. Similarly — on 5 h.p., return of option 595 Turismo (draft of former, 230 Nanometers) grew to 165 h.p. Increase of power is reached by installation of a new turbocharger of Garrett. The most furious Abarth 595 Competizione did not get additional puny strength — in its arsenal, as before, very adult 180 h.p. and 250 Nanometers. Innovations, however, are available: jotas-hetch caught self-locking differential which is combined only with a mechanical transmission. As an option there is also a robot. Let’s note that abartovets did not show the modernized superhatchback of 695 Biposto with a 190-strong cursor yet. Train the real monster?


But we will return to us to the 595th. Among innovations and adaptive Koni FSD shock-absorbers — at Turismo they stand on a back axis, and at Competizione — “around”. The top version is also completed with brake Brembo system with four-piston supports. There is at Abarth 595 also a Sport key transferring the power unit and a steering to the fighting mode, and also aggravating a response to gas pedals. Extreme innovations are dictated by a problem of the car. So, the mouth in a front bumper swung open with even bigger greed to air — inflow to a radiator is increased by 18%.

Sometimes tuners undertake completion of production of Abarth, and then the real murderer of sport cars is born. As, for example, 214-strong 695 Biposto from Alpha-N Performance.
The Brazilian branch Fiat does not doze. The budgetary Mobi crossover with the engine working at gasoline and ethanol is presented.

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Extreme Fiat 500 by Abarth


Fiat 500 bitten by “scorpion” of Abarth — that still the knave! But what will turn out if tuners undertake the furious baby?

To think of the sizes haughtily — business ungrateful, after all compact sport cars in certain conditions have advantage over healthy fellows that demonstrated Mini which was repeatedly winning victories on rally of Monte-Carlo in the sixties. And who will afford unflattering or haughty statements to modern “hot” hatchbacks which on dynamics a little than concede to larger shells? Tuning penalties on the basis of “pocket rockets” especially well own gift of belief of owners of expensive and prestigious sport compartments not to be confused under wheels. For example, Abarth 695 Biposto, in the childhood the former Fiat 500 finished by Alpha-N Performance office not only is spiteful by sight, but also goes as appropriate.

Our hero was initially modified in sports court division of Abarth. Version 695 Biposto with 1,4-liter turbo gives out quite adult 190 h.p. and 250 Nanometers (we do not forget that length of this small insect of 3657 mm, and weight is less than a ton), but at a tuning hatchback from the third-party company already of 214 h.p. and 296 Nanometers. It is enough return for breakthrough to 100 km/h for 5,9 with and the maximum speed in 230 km/h.


We believe, mad “Fiat” in all beauty will reveal on narrow twisting roads where the lion’s share of a victory depends on controllability. The benefit, enters its equipment the KW sport chassis. One of not numerous external differences from standard Abarth — 17-inch rims of OZ Racing Ultraleggera with tires 205/40 ZR 17. Upgrades are offered more modest 140-strong modification: after tuning it gives out 170 h.p. and 238 Nanometers. Improvements are provided and for Abarth 595 Turismo (160 and 230 Nanometers). Its return increases to 199 h.p. and 239 Nanometers. And execution of 595 Competizione is “shaken” from 180 h.p. and 250 Nanometers on 21 h.p. and 46 Nanometers.

On the Geneva motor show the Fiat company presented a hatchback and the Tipo station wagon. They will be offered with petrol and 1,4 and 1,6 l diesel engines.
Recently the photospy photographed a prototype of the successor of the Fiat Punto model. The car is developed in Brazil and, obviously, debuts until the end of this year.

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Cavallino Launch Edition Crate Package for FIAT 500T Abarth

Cavallino Cars introduces the CAVALLINO Launch Edition, a Limited Edition series with only 100 cars to be dealer built and offered through a network of Exclusive Cavallino Fiat dealers across North America.

    • Painted Satin Black hood port extractor to relieve heat and under hood pressure at high speeds.
    • Painted Satin Black Intake Naca Duct Hood Port, to let cold air rush to the engine compartment contributing to lowering the engine operation temperature.
    • Functional Racing Rear Composite Spoiler with CNC Aluminum Mounts and color contrasting Side Blades.
    • Cavallino Door and Rear Badging.
    • Authenticity Dash plaque and Certificate.

Optional Content

  • Dual Rally Stripes streaking over the hood, roof and rear hatch.
  • Functional Front Splitter to enhance down force and improve frontal airflow.
  • Front Air Dam port to replace the central grill with a larger opening to help the intercooler breathe more efficiently and to embrace a pair of high power LED day time running lights.
  • Interior courtesy light package, including foot well, door, and rear cargo lighting.
  • Custom Cavallino Floor Mats along with Custom Cavallino Door Sills.


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